Supporting Services

In addition to website development and backup/recovery services Assure Web Services offers the following:

Credit/Debit Card Merchant Services

Assure Web Services offers merchant services for e-commerce websites as well as for physical, brick and mortar business locations.  Unlike many providers, we offer cost-plus which, overall, almost always saves the merchant significant monthly fees.  We are usually able to offer even our low volume customers the same or similar rates of high volume locations.  We are authorized agents for First Data, one of the largest credit card processors in the nation.  Being only one of many, many providers First Data manages approximately 45% of all credit card transactions. Today, with a relatively new feature - "Interchange Optimization" - which is exclusive to First Data/Card Connect your transactions will be automatically routed through the lowest cost interchange.  Additionally, when taking rewards cards you are currently being charged a considerably higher rate so that the cardholder can receive rewards for using the card.  With Interchange Optimization your transaction will pass through processing that, in effect, removes the reward so that you pay a much lower rate for that transaction. - Merchant Services Request Form -

Visit our website - Food & Fuel POS Solutions - for information on affordable POS systems that are suitable for small to medium sized businesses. 

Social Media / Website Promotion

Assure Web Services can handle the task of managing and promoting your website on social media including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Through consistent promotion your business should soon be seeing a steady stream of new faces come through the door. 

SEO and Google Tools

We include basic SEO and submission to all major search engines with all of our website projects. With basic SEO and submission your website can be found on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and most, if not all, other searches.  Through the use of Google Adwords and extended SEO even higher ranking can be achieved.  With the inclusion of Google Analytics to your website a wealth of information will become available.  You'll know where your website visitors are located and what time of day they visit, whether they are browsing with a phone, a tablet, or a PC and even which web browser and version of operating system their device is using - all information that can help with marketing your website.

Managed Website Hosting

Just as your home computer, your smart phone and even many modern automobiles' operating systems, your website's software will require periodic updates.  Some updates add functionality, some fix software bugs, and some fix security vulnerabilities that have been found in the programming.  Modern websites usually consist of many pages (other than what are visible in a web browser) and many thousands of lines of computer code so occasional issues are to be expected.  When vulnerabilities are discovered they must be addressed in a very timely manner.  As with other devices, these updates can occur frequently or not so frequently but they will occur.  For one low website hosting fee we monitor and perform any and all updates very soon after availability.  This is something that a website owner can perform for themselves but if not done timely they run the risk of the web server manager disabling their website until it brought up to date.  Another option is to pay a technical person to perform updates as needed but that alone would likely greatly exceed the overall cost of our managed hosting.

With Assure's managed hosting your website will have the advantage of being on a "dedicated" server but at a fraction of the usual cost.  With bargain "shared" hosting your website will be on a server that often serves up hundreds and sometimes even thousands of other websites.  Any one of those websites can, at any time, have poorly written or hacked scripts executing than can cause a tremendous reduction of speed for the entire web server.  At some point we have all visited websites that seemed to take forever to load --- that could be a problem caused by that website or the cause could be one of its "neighbors". 

Advertising Videos

Adding videos to your website can improve your search engine standing.  Videos are also a great way to engage your website visitors, increasing the amount of time they spend as well as allowing more information in a small amount of space.  Assure Web Services can create your video for use on your website, YouTube, and even for broadcast advertising or to embed in other websites for advertising.